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QR & Barcode Scanner

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QR & Barcode Scanner
  • - Scan all kinds of QR codes and barcodes.
  • - View a Scan history list of all of your past scans of QR CODES and BARCODES.
  • - This barcode reader is Flashlight supported for scanning Barcode at low-light environments.
Barcode reader & QR code scanner . Pro
  • Special features for Android devices:
  • QR reader
  • Barcode Scanner.
Compare Prices on Amazon, eBay and Walmart - with Barcode Scanner
  • Scan barcodes and view the product on eBay and Amazon simultaneously in seconds
  • Find deals, discounts and savings on millions of products
  • Use the barcode scanner as a quick, mobile price comparison tool

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Barcode Features

The right barcode scanner is an invaluable product for a great many firms. Whether being utilized for supply upkeep or sales functions , keeping these practical devices around helps make the daily managing of your corporate operations a smoother and more detailed task. There are some important items to check out when it comes to a new barcode scanner.

Operating Environment

Ensure that you obtain a device that can operate in the temperature ranges necessary for your operations.


Many models are made to stand up against drops , bumps or other accidents that might result in many scanners to stop operating. Whenever the scanner is going to be used in hard types of conditions opt for versions that are sturdy enough to survive harsh use.

Easy To Use And Setup

Check out models which are simple to install and work with. Lots of products supply you with a stand that makes using the scanner easier.

Connectability And Distance

Be sure the scanner features suitable wireless range if it is to be utilized in a wide area usch as a warehouse type environment.

Battery Time

Decide on a scanner with a battery source that offers considerable running time before needing to be charged up again.

Upload Capability

A lot of kinds come with a function where codes can be scanned offline and recorded on the device and then uploaded to your computer data system at a later time. This is really usefull for organizations that will have to scan many products located at several different locations or over large areas.

Size And Weight

A fairly small and light weight scanner will be more comfortable to use over an extended timeframe.

Hands Free Setting

Using a hands free function could help when scanning large or bulky materials.

Ominidirectional Scanning

This feature helps you to scan an item without having to line up the scanner with the barcode on the item.

Compatible Barcode Varieties

Be certain that the scanner is compatible with your barcode style. Many common types are UPC / EAN , UCC / EAN128 , ISBN/ISSN , Code128 , Code93 , Code39 , Code 39 Full ASCII , Code11 , Codabar , RSS variants and Chinese 2 of 5 Making use of the product reviews and user ratings found on this web-site can help you to find the barcode scanners that will satisfy the needs and price range for your corporate needs.

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