Barcode Scanner & QR code Reader

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Barcode Scanner & QR code Reader

  • speed app to detect QR code
  • simple UI
  • small size

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QR & Barcode Scanner
  • - Scan all kinds of QR codes and barcodes.
  • - View a Scan history list of all of your past scans of QR CODES and BARCODES.
  • - This barcode reader is Flashlight supported for scanning Barcode at low-light environments.

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Guide To Barcode Scanners

A good quality barcode scanner is a highly important tool for a great many companies. Whether in use for supply maintenance or sales activities , having these types of functional tools around can certainly make the every day functioning of your corporate operations a smoother and more detailed task. There are some important things to think about when choosing a new barcode scanner.

Working Temperatures

Make sure that you obtain a device that can work in the temperature levels necessary for your applications.


Several units are built to endure falls , bumps as well as other incidents that could cause some scanners to quit running. In cases where the scanner is usually to be put to use in bad conditions look for kinds which are robust enough to hold up to rough use.

Easy To Use And Install

Choose devices that are straightforward to setup and work with. Numerous products provide you with a stand which will make working with the scanner more comfortable.

Connectability And Range

Make certain the scanner offers you sufficient wireless range if it is to be utilized in a big area usch as a warehouse type environment.

Battery Pack Life

Go for a scanner with a battery that offers a lot of running time before the need to be charged up again.

Upload Mode

Numerous products supply you with a feature where codes can be scanned offline and collected on the device then uploaded to your computer data system at a later time. This is certainly usefull for organisations and businesses that will need to scan a lot of items stored at many different locations or over large areas.

Their size And Weight

A portable and light weight scanner will be more comfortable to work with over a prolonged time frame.

Hands Free Mode

Using a hands free function can help while scanning large or bulky merchandise.

Ominidirectional Scanning

This function permits you to scan an object without needing to align the scanner with the barcode on the product.

Compatible Barcode Kinds

Make sure that the scanner is compatible with your current barcode version. The common types are UPC / EAN , UCC / EAN128 , ISBN/ISSN , Code128 , Code93 , Code39 , Code 39 Full ASCII , Code11 , Codabar , RSS variants and Chinese 2 of 5 With the use of the consumer reviews and ratings found on this website can help you in looking for the barcode scanners that are designed to satisfy the demands and price range for your company needs.

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