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Barcode Features

A good barcode scanner is a needed device for most business enterprises. Whether used for merchandise maintenance or sales purposes , keeping these helpful instruments around could make the everyday functioning of your business operations a smoother and more accurate activity.

Listed below are some important points to check when purchasing a new barcode scanner.

Operating Temps

Ensure that you get a device designed to work in the temperature levels necessary for your applications.


A number of models are designed to withstand drops , bumps as well as other incidents which could lead to some scanners to quit working. In the event that the scanner is to be used in hard conditions buy ones that are strong enough to endure rough use.

Easy To Use And Install

Check out units that are simple to set up and make use of. Lots of units will offer you a stand that will make utilizing the scanner easier.

Connectivity And Distance

Be certain the scanner offers you sufficient wireless range if it is to be used in a wide area usch as a warehouse type setting.

Battery Pack Time

Choose a scanner with a battery source that has abundant operating time before the need to be recharged.

Upload Capability

Quite a few units come with a feature where codes can be scanned offline and saved on the device and then uploaded to your computer data system at a later time. This can be usefull for business firms that have got to scan a lot of manufactured goods housed at many different locations or over large areas.

Over all size And Weight

A hand held and light weight scanner will be more comfortable to work with over an extended time frame.

Hands Free Function

Using a hands free function helps while scanning large or bulky goods.

Ominidirectional Scanning

This feature lets you scan an object without the need to align the scanner with the barcode on the item.

Compatible Barcode Variations

Ensure that the scanner is suitable for your current barcode type. Some common types are UPC / EAN , UCC / EAN128 , ISBN/ISSN , Code128 , Code93 , Code39 , Code 39 Full ASCII , Code11 , Codabar , RSS variants and Chinese 2 of 5

With the use of the consumer reviews and rankings found on this web site can help you in identifying the barcode scanners that will fulfill the requirements and budget for your company needs.